Huawei P40 & P40 Pro could be marketed cheaper to compensate for the lack of Google services

If the Huawei P series remains the best at the level of Photophones or smartphones with high-end cameras, the New Huawei P40 & P40 Pro will necessarily be penalized by its absence of Google Services like Gmail, Gmap, Gdrive , Goople Play, Youtube….

According to @ RODENT950 (Teme), the Huawei P40 series will be cheaper when it is launched to encourage you to give Huawei a chance despite the absence of Google Applications. It indicates that the P40 series models will be sold between 3,599 yuan ($ 519) and 6,599 yuan ($ 951) in China and could start around 599 euros in Europe for the P40, 799 € for the Huawei P40 Pro version, and 1000 € for a Premium version.

Huawei has been working hard on developing alternatives to replace Google apps, so this new Huawei P40 will ship with Huawei Mobile (HMS).

Compensate for the lack of Google services (Services that Google charges to manufacturers) by lowering the price and offering viable alternatives, an interesting idea, but will that be enough to relaunch the Brand on the European and World Market since ban on using Google Services for several months.

To be continued ..... By Online S&S

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